did i buy a fake paddy?

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  1. Hello all,

    As you guys may or may not know, I recently purchased a gernate baby paddy from the market place. I had doubts on the authenticity, so I had match the details with my frens authentic paddy.

    HOwever, today as i was surfing the web and looking at tons and tons of paddy pictures, I noticed one fault.

    pictures are posted.

    the faults are circlued with lime green. on the other picture of the paddys i saw on the PF and NAP, that hardware DOESNT have a leather ring around it. Im scared as Is this a super fake???

    Im shaking and my heart is beating FAST. I hope this is authentic cause i purchase this from a forum member!!! Please help!
    paddy1.JPG paddy2.JPG paddy3.JPG
  2. my lock has four screws at the bottom. was that done differently with different styles? i also don't believe mine has the leather rings.
  3. I have no idea if it's real or not. . . have you contacted the member about your questions?
    I'm just thinking about the sensitivity of this . . .
  4. the link still works! if not page 6 at the market place!
  5. hi,
    my sable doesn't have the leather ring around that particular stud either..

    and my lock only has 2 screws too, but they're positioned in different places.. one is right in the corner..

    i don't know...
  6. ok, the fact that it's a mini could explain the lock-screw thing. and i looked on Net-A-Porter to check out the leather around the screws, and they are there. so i would say everything looks legit.


    (picture from Net-A-Porter)
  7. yes I pmed her at 6:42pm and her last activity b4 she logged off was at 6:47pm

    at first I thought the bag was fake, then i matched the details on my frens purse, since is was a tiny tiny fault I didnt notice, so i thought everything was fine. So i pm'ed her saying i got the bag authenticated and it was real. then i left her a positive feedback. BUt today as I was looking at paddy pictures the whole day around the PF and others sites like NAP, i noticed that fault. Im soooo scared and my body is shaking..... I feel like crying!!!

  8. yes, the pic you showed has a leather around the screw. but thats not the screw im talking about. The other screw is slightly above that one in ur picture. look at my pics carefully!
  9. I really suggest you calm down and don't blow up over this. Before you start counting minutes and freak out, I highly suggest you get in touch with diane first about the bag. And please be patient.
  10. That bag looks authentic to me. My choco tote has the same leather under the hardware and its worn like that (I love that look). I also held a grenat bag in my hands one time and it looks just like yours. Just my 2-cents.
  11. Personally, not as a Moderator , but personally I think she should've had the opportunity to reposnd to you first . . . before making this public.
    I COMPLETELY understand your fears and don't blame you, but I'm a VERY busy Momma and sometimes people get too busy to give a thoughtful response and feel they can give better attention if they wait until their home is quiet.

    just sayin'

    I do wish you the best of luck.
  12. i think it's real, the grenat paddy hobo that i saw irl at saks had those little leather rings and they indeed have a pinkish color to the exposed material. also, locks have changed one season to the next, so it's hard to say exactly how many screws it should have. i see nothing to worry about.
  13. I have the grenat, but not here in the U.S to confirm but I believe it's the real deal, infact, I will go to my showcase now to see my pics ( I have 3 pqaddingtons, one is a baby, go check my bag showcase with me, I think that will help! It will take time to find!:lol:
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