Did i buy a fake Chanel from the Chanel store.. Please help me!!

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  1. Hey guys. I just bought a jumbo Classic flapbag in Berlin and for some reason i checked "how to spot a fake" website and something about the chain caught My eye. Accordning to this website the leathers ending in the chain Should not be that visable and there is Also a dubble layer of the leathers which accordning to the website is a way to spot a fake Chanel. I Will post pictures of My chain and hope u guys can help me did i just buy a fake chanel from a chanel store?! Also didnt get the pricetag on the purse.

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  2. I recently purchased a m/l classic flap also and found this to be the case. I ended up exchanging anyway due to indecisiveness about the hardware colour and asked the SA; she said the leather may stick out varyingly depending on the person making the bag... the bag I exchanged for was less obvious!
  3. Your bag looks normal! My chain looks the same. Price tags aren't given in Europe, so don't worry, this again is normal procedure. If you bought your jumbo from a boutique I would highly doubt that you got a fake one. Enjoy your bag!
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  4. The chain on one of my bags also looks the same. Bought in a boutique in Germany and no price tag. Seems normal....
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    All authenticity questions must be posted in the thread "stuck" at top of forum called "Authenticate This Chanel"

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