Did I buy a fake Burberry on Overstock.com?

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  1. Hi all...

    Did anyone ever purchase Burberry handbags from Overstock.com? A LONG TIME AGO...I bought a Nova Check Bowler (they listed it as "Burberry Plaid Two-handle Handbag") and the inner lining tore at the seams within 2 weeks of light use. Granted, I was naive about the prevalence of fakes so I never expected that it could have been fake. :sad:

    So here I am, 3 or 4 years later, a little annoyed, and tempted to complain to Overstock but unsure if this is a fake or not. This is the stock picture, I don't know if this style ever even existed. (I still know very little about Burberry and this is the only one I ever bought). I can post pics of my actual handbag if it helps. I know, I just need to let this go. I just need peace of mind, even if it means putting away the fake for good!

    PS- I'm sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place!
  2. I'm 99% sure Overstock only sells authentic stuff, I know of some people who have ordered from them, including handbags and they didn't have any problems with authenticity.:shrugs:

  3. are you sure about that, 'cause i just went and looked and i saw some pretty suspicious looking prada bags. like a nice sized leather bag for less than $500. hmmm.....:s
  4. I'm pretty sure that overstock sells authentic bags. It's the auctions or stuff from other sellers that you have to really watch out for. I can't be 100% sure though.
  5. I saw lots of Prague bags but no Prada. Where did you see it?

    This is the list of bags by brand I found on the site:
  6. Yeah, they sell authentic, but the stuff is either reallllly old, or is stuff the store can't sell, even on sale. Its a liquidation website basically. Perhaps there was a latent defect with the bag, and Burberry knew it, but knew that for the superlow price they could sell it on Overstock, no one would complain if it happened.
    Ashford.com also sells Prada and other designers. Same deal.
  7. Good point... I didn't think about that! I was just concerned because of the threads I read about Bluefly and somewhere else I read items from smartbargains possibly being fake and it made me think back to my Burberry Bowler from Overstock... it looks so great from the outside but the inside just fell apart! Oh well. Thank you everyone for your input! :smile:
  8. You can probably take your bag to a shoe repair shop..they will repair or replace the lining easily and probably fairly inexpensively for you. They work with leather all the time so it should not be a problem... Or contact Burberry, see if they will do something for you.. good luck!
  9. I just ordered a Michael Kors suede aster tote 3 days ago from Smartbargains. After reading this Iam starting to have doubts about its authenticity never thought it could be a fake from there. This my first visit to this site.
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