Did Hilary's bag...

  1. ... ever come in burgundy? thanks for the help.

  2. This Little Stam came in Black, Taupe, Petrol, Bordeaux, Violet, Pearl, Chestnut, Mouse, Cashew.
  3. thanks bag.lover
  4. Baglover. There seem to be a lot of different Stams. I am trying to educate myself. The one that Hilary has, is it called the Little Stam? The regular Stam seems too big for me. Also does the one in the picture have leather handles or just the chain? Thank you. Kim
  5. She has the baby stam, and it has no handles, only a chain.
  6. Does Marc Jacobs still make this bag? Have you seen it available anywhere? I would prefer to purchase from a store & not on Ebay. Since everyone has warned me about the fakes being sold there. Thanks!! Kim:wlae:
  7. This particular style hasn't been widely faked, but I understand your concern. This style is still available at dept stores and MJ boutiques. I saw one at Nordies yesterday in black and mouse I think. And the price is reasonable!
  8. She looks hott with this bag on.

    Small Bag = Small Person
  9. Thanks Thithi. What Nordstroms had the bag? I will call and place a phone order. I am in Upstate NY and we don't have any Nordstrom's, Saks, Bloomies, etc... Thank you!! The bag is so cute. I looked for the Black Quilted Elise & had no luck, so I am now looking for another bag. K
  10. It also came in Gold.
    Neiman Marcus  - Quilted Clutch
    Marc Jacobs Quilted Clutch in GOLD
    • Metallic gold quilted leather.
    • Golden hardware.
    • Chain shoulder strap.
    • Framed kiss-lock top.
    • Smooth leather trim on front zip pocket with leather pull tabs.
    • 8 1/2"H x 12 1/2"W x 3 1/5"D.
    • Made in Italy.
  11. In addition to Stam & Little Stam (aka Quilted Clutch), there are E/W Frame Bag (no longer made, it's odd looking), Stam Hobo and E/W Stam. (Size wise) Little Stam & E/W Frame Bag are smaller, do you like the chain? If not, Mischa has a more delicate chain.

    Little Stam is still being made for this season, it's available at all locations where Marc Jacobs stuffs are sold. Check out this listing for pictures from different angles of this purse.
    eBay: MARC JACOBS TAUPE LEATHER QUILTED SMALL STAM BAG NWT (item 220022592616 end time Sep-06-06 11:29:25 PDT)

    Little Stam
    12.5 x 8.5 x 3.5"
    Fall 06 Colors: Black, Mouse, Cashew, Chestnut
  12. Thanks Baglover for the great information!! I learn so much here!! K
  13. Honestly, this bag can't be compared to Quilted Patent Elise (much prettier to me). =)

    This Little Stam lacks the following 3 details of regular Stam: handles, removable chains, and base.

    Which color are you interested in? Black is the most versatile color. =)
    Nordstrom South Coast Plaza (Costa Mesa, California) has a pretty good selection of MJ items, their number is 714.957.3604 (ask for Marty in handbags).
  14. Baglover. I am going to visit my Sister in Chicago for 4 days next week, so I am going to hit the Magnificent Mile & look at the various MJ bags. I do love the Quilted Patent Elise, but if I can't find it immediately (I will keep looking) then I will have to buy something else. The regular Stam seems too big for me. I will check the styles out in person to see what one suits me best. I like the Little Stam for going out in the evening. It looks dressy & not overly big. Would you say that the regular Stam is a lot bigger than the Little Stam? Thanks! K