Did HH show anything for fall '10?

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  1. Did I miss it or was nothing shown for A/W '10. :thinking:
  2. Nope, nothing. I think the last time they introduced anything was the SS 2010 line last fall.
  3. i was wondering the same thing. i asked them about fashion week via twitter last week. no response. i guess that's a 'no.'
  4. Considering that they no longer do any wholesale business, it only makes sense to drop the industry show as a cost-cutting measure.
  5. Makes total sense, merry! I had forgotten about that.
  6. ^Me too! Thanks merry!

    Will there be a lookbook, etc? I'm just wondering if we will be able to peek at any upcoming collections soon.
  7. This is just sad :sad:
  8. merrygold, that totally makes sense! hadn't thought of it that way.

    siyg, i think it's really sad too. i can't see how they'll make it if they're going to be the sole retailer... with such bad customer relations at that.