Did Hermes SF move?

  1. I have two addresses for Hermes San Francisco: 212 Stockton Ave, and 125 Grant Ave. Did Hermes move since 2000? :shrugs:
  2. Yes, they moved! They are now on Grant Ave.
  3. Yes - they moved from a small store to a larger store - but still the same amount of inventory!! :shrugs:
  4. LOL!!!! So true, Fopduck. Just there today and I swear....you just want to scream sometimes! I managed to find a few little somethings but still.....it wasn't easy!
  5. paltry inventory and mean SAs -- a wonder i don't go there more! shopmom, did you happen to see what they had in evelynes and picotins?
  6. ^^^Shopmom: How "LITTLE" of some things???:graucho:

    ^^^GF: I like that pelican dangling from that "STRAPPY - thingy" in your avatar:smile:
  7. You were there today? I went yesterday! WAAAA! :crybaby:I missed ya AGAIN! Next time, I'm PM'ing all ya'll...or something! Shesh!
  8. they did move, new store is way better
  9. NO!!!!! A-T-G....here's the thing. You LIVE where I live....let's just go get coffee one of these days!!!!! PM me and I'll meetcha........
  10. They had a couple of Evelyns and no picotins.....BIG Rouge Garance Evelyn and a small orange one. Their offerings are.....well.....pathetic at best.....:s
  11. Spill it S'mom!!!! What did you get? Do tell!!!:graucho:
  12. They had a multi-colored Picotin in the windown yesterday...I didn't ask about it...and thought the color combo was CRAZY!
  13. Thanks! It's my barenia Trim with a miniature sterling Pelican cadena.....just got it the other day!!
  14. Are you thinking of coming to SF after NY, Grands Fonds? :smile:
  15. Hey! GF,.... I want you to stay focused, (sp?):supacool: ,....NY, avandome, :nuts: NY, avandome:yes: ....none of that SF stuff!:sad: