Did Hermes make a LARGE les TRIPLES scarf?

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  1. As you ladies know - I fell in love with this scarf and have been searching hi-and-low for it in yellow pouchette size.

    But today I had another thought: Did Hermes make a "large" version of this scarf. i.e. not the pochette - but the standard Hermes scarf sized scarf?

    It would give me something else to add to my wishlist - but I wanted to check and see if it was something that was even produced.

    Thanks Hermes Ladies! :flowers:
  2. oops! sorry, having a senile moment.
  3. BG, they did make a regular-sized carre of Les Triples. Pink, lavande, blue, turquoise, orange, red, green, yellow and a special edition was done for the SMILES organization in blue and white.
  4. Yes, I held one with a blue border in my hand in the Mad Ave store and to this day kick myself for not purchasing it.
  5. ^REALLY?!?! :smile:

    Okay, new item for wishlist. How rare are they? (welp)
  6. BG, I know last year there were a few floating around; I'd call an Hermes store and see if they could do a search for you to see if there are any in the inventory. If not, I'd call a few Neiman Marcus stores to see if they had any. I don't remember seeing any at Bergdorf's a few months ago, but you could give it a shot.
  7. I have one in green and just adore it! Good luck to you!
  8. Here is a pic for my Les Triples in white and bb blue. It's a bad pic from a camera phone
    les triples.jpg
  9. What color are you looking for, beauxgoris?
  10. ^^I think yellow would be my first choice. But really i'm open to anything. :heart:
  11. I see the full size pop up on eBay every so often and they can still be found in the long lost drawers of a store sometimes.
  12. I need to start searching again!