Did Hermes ever make fabric evening bags?

  1. Found a little evening bag today at a thrift shop -- I bought it for the strap. Just prior to disassembling it, I noticed "Hermes Paris Made in France" on it. It is a fabric on the outside, and the interior feels like lambskin. SO, did Hermes ever make cloth evening bags? If so, I'll post pics in the "Authenticate" thread.

    Thanks in advance -- I checked the Reference section and couldn't find any applicable info.
  2. Wow! I don't know. Post it in there anyhow. There are some VERY knowledgable and SWEET people in there. I am sure one of them is an expert in vintage H.
  3. They did. I remember seeing a velvet Hermès bag in from the 30s (I think) in copenhagen, it was a gift for the queen.
  4. Thank you both for the replies! IrishLass, I didn't want to waste anyone's time if it was something that was impossible for Hermes to have made. Off to make some pics on my scanner :smile: Even if it isn't H, the strap is EXACTLY what I wanted!

    Liberte, this bag looks old, old, old. Not ruined, just old. It feels like a non-shiny satin, if that makes any sense????
  5. I want to go thrifting with you!
  6. Me too!!
  7. :roflmfao:

    Not getting my hopes up. It was pretty funny how it came about. We have only one thrift in town, and I'd been talking to one of the staff last week, describing what I need for a croc bag, to replace the ugly replacement handle it has currently. She was sorting thru HUGE bins of assorted stuff, so I asked her to keep a watch out for the kind of strap I was looking for. And of course I checked all the bags on display, looking for the strap I want.

    Today I went in, had a look around at various things, went and looked at the purses (to see if one had the strap that I wanted) and saw a huge tub of unusual bags sitting on the floor. So I sat down and started looking thru them, looking of course for THE STRAP. Down in the bottom corner, under a straw bag, I could see a strap that seemed to have possibilities, so I grabbed it and dragged it out. Hmmmmm, it is DEFINITELY one that could work!!!!! So I went to pay, and the young lady had found me the EXACT strap I was looking for, and had hidden it for me. So I bought both, just to be CERTAIN I'd get the strap I need for my croc.

    Even if it is not authentic, it's been a fun find!
  8. That is so cool! :tup:
    Have to say it seems like it's looking pretty good so far. How exciting!
  9. Post pics! It's always fun to see vintage H pieces!
  10. I would love to see pics of this bag. Please post some. For some reason I am on a clutch bag buying spree and would love to see this.
  11. I am so excited for you CowPrincess!!! I've just seen the authenticate thread and it's looking very promising!

    (Didn't I tell you how great those ladies are!!???!!! :heart:)
  12. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  13. Read your thread here, then I went over to the authenticate thread and from what the ladies there say, WOW!!! looks like you've found a real treasure. Many congratulations, I would be so excited if that was me :yahoo:
  14. Thanks everyone for your interest and the hoping, cheering and congratulations! I'm really thrilled, and will be in touch with the nearest Hermes about getting it re-habbed.

    Sadly, I don't think I can keep it. My DH has been doing all the "heavy lifting" financially lately, as I've watched my income drop and drop. I'm a petsitter, and many of my client-pets have died in the last year, and I've been so overwhelmed with grief and sorrow over all the deaths, I haven't really been able to work! DH has never said anything, no complaints, no snide comments, nothing. I owe it to him to turn it into cash. :sad:

    I will, however, take comfort in knowing that it will get used and enjoyed, and I've rescued it from being part of some costume, or some little kid's "toy bag" :smile:

    A few pics to follow! :smile:
  15. The last pic is of the strap that started all this excitement -- if it hadn't been exactly what I thought I needed, I'd probably not have purchased the bag!
    hermesbag1.jpg hermesbag4.jpg hermesbag5.jpg