Did Heloise ever come in Prune color?

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  1. I'm looking for a Heloise in a red tone and a friend told me that there may be prune from past seasons. Do you own Heloise in prune or know if it was ever made in that color?
  2. yes there was a prune shade, and also a bright red color as well...
  3. yes they did prune heloise. in fact im trying to find one myself! they are so hard to come by!
  4. Thanks all. I found a thread comparing the prune and plum and it may be the plum that I was looking for originally. But the more purple Prune color is also beautiful.
  5. Found one! She's beautiful and my first Chloe. I bought it from an individual and feel a little uncomfortable about not having the major department store return policy, but the bag is new with tags, dust bag, and authenticity card. I took photos but have no idea how to download them. Will have to wait until DH returns on Sunday.
  6. you could try uploading them to photobucket.com
  7. I have a prune that I bought last summer at Nordstroms.