Did Gustto ever make a WHITE Baca?

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  1. They have "pure white" bacas on revolve. So it could be real.
  2. Personally, I would stay away from that one. Something about the leather on the bag (especially the pic of the back of the bag) doesn't look quite right.

    Also, if you look at the seller's history... all of her previous auctions where she sold bags are listed as "Private". To me, this is a big red flag. She only has 31 feedbacks, and generally sellers want to disclose as much as possible as they build their business on eBay. It's only the bag auctions that are Private, so it seems she is hiding something.

  3. When I bought mine at Von Maur I only saw earth tones.....rust (brownish reddish), caramel, black, taupe. I didn't see any in white. I think that some of the other bags do come in white though. Also, the white makes the brass look MEGA bright.
  4. i saw white at the sample sale but they were all so dirty no one wanted to buy them cause the SS are insane people grabbing and tossing and stuff with the bags so the white had no chance ,,,

    but i did see them but thats no comment on THIS one cause im not sure about it,,,, not the best background as koobalover points out
  5. i really cant tell, if its fake its good ,,, :sad: wish i could help! i wonder where they bought it? receipt? i dunno,,,
  6. I think I've seen a cream colored baca on either NM or Saks online, but not white. The bag itself actually looks pretty good though. The buttons are the right size and have Gustto on them, and the lining looks like it's the right color and texture. If you can find out for sure if they made white, then I'd say this was authentic.
  7. It could be real... As we've discussed in a recent thread, Gusttos are pretty inconsistent in the details so we haven't nailed down exactly how to authenticate. I was just pointing out that there are some red flags with that particular auction.

    How much were the white Bacas that you saw?
  8. they are different - the bag at Revolve has leather trim around the inside pocket, a gold zipper & leather pull.


    The bag on ebay doesn't have leather tim, a plastic zipper & no leather pull -


    Does this mean its fake? Or is this another inconsistency?
  9. I'm not sure I'd trust a bag with a plastic zipper! I've never seen plastic zippers on $500+ bags. The picture you posted looks a little fishy. My thought is that if you have so many doubts about it, it's probably best to stay away; from my experience, the doubts linger after you receive the bag, and that takes away a lot of the fun.
  10. I wasn't thinking about bidding - I'm just looking for ways to judge authenticity in case I decide to go ebay for a Baca. There's been so much debate on how to judge authenticity - I thought I could find a couple questionable ones, and see if we could spot the differences.

    One thing about the plastic zipper - it's already been determined that they do use those zippers on authentic Gusttos - there's a pic posted in one of the threads. I'll try & find it.
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