Did Gucci make guccissima horsebit hobo large in rust (cognac)

  1. It did come in that colour, I am not sure about Guccissima though. I'm not a fan of the horsebit (yes I'm odd) so I never really looked out for it. I would stay away from that site also.
  2. The Rust color is new for fall and it should be on the Gucci site. If you cannot find it, I would doubt that one is real.
  3. Kavnadoo, you beated me this time! ;)
  4. Haha... no competition! Ah I didn't realise that that colour (cognac) was the same as the current one that I know beljwl got. She got the rust Guccissima hobo.
  5. I think it is a trimming only, did beljwl got a all Guccissima leather hobo in rust?
  6. ^Oh I think you are right. I think there was only Guccissima trim.
  7. I've not seen one in Neiman Marcus, Saks or Gucci boutique, to answer handbagdiva13 question.
  8. I thought this site was legit, I bought 2 bags from her I thought were authentic, they even had the same smell. Now I see the cognac guccissima and if it was never made then I have proof they are fake. How can you be sure?
  9. I'm not sure if an all Guccissima horsebit was made. If you have any questions about any of the bags that you have, take some photos and post them in --- Authenticate This Gucci --- to get an opinion. :smile: Just photo some photos of the bag (front, back, inside serial tag front and back, hardware etc). Adding to that I do not have a good feeling about this website, but lets hope for your sake that I am wrong...
  10. This site sell fakes. :tdown:
  11. Maybe I am too naive, I always believe people could be telling the truth....I wanted to have proof before making up my mind, but you guys seem all to agree that it's fake. Could fake bags look exactly the same as authentic? I compared them side by side and they were exact! Or could someone sell both authentic and not? I feel more and more confused...
  12. Which two bags did you compare side by side? Are those the two that you purchased from this site?
  13. Yes, and I took the possitano scarf tote to the Gucci boutique and the sales woman could not tell the difference. The dustbag was the printed one with gg and was thick flanel like. She said it had all the right markings, she was comparing them. She would not give me a sure answer, they are not supposed to do it, but she did not find anything wrong. I believed it was authentic. I have seen the fake Gucci and that looked off to me right away. The stitching was not straight, the lining and zippers were cheaper and uneven, the dustbag was thinner. It also had a different smell. Can replicas be that good to look real?
  14. To answer your last question, there are some A++ fakes out there! Sadly, I have also heard of Gucci salespeople that cannot tell the difference...in cases like these, it would be best to ask a multitude of sources! Before making any more purchases, please search around this site for authentic dealers and if the amazing ladies that posted before me said that the site sells fakes, you can trust it!!