Did gucci ever make this bag?

  1. i was browsing online and found this. obvious that it is a fake, but did gucci ever make the horsebit with the creme leather? do they special order?
  2. I dunno bout biege canvas and white or cream....but they had the blue canvas with white.....I think its old...Im not too sure bout it...it was quiete rare....they had it on the gucci website beofre the sale...i dunno now~
  3. the white handle looks shifty to me...i dunno
  4. yes, they did make that color combo. I can't remember if it was in the Cruise or s/s '05 collection!
  5. yeah, i thought i saw that color combo before but i wasn't tooo sure because it is no longer on their site. only if they still had it.
  6. i'm not sure but i also have a similar question.

    did they ever make a monogram hobo messenger?
  7. Hmm, do you have a pic?
  8. Gucci never made this one right? Its the one my mom got scammed on and I'm trying to convince her to let me throw it out (I even bought her a new bag), but shes attached and doesnt believe me that its fake (even though theres a second tag inside that says Made in China! :Push:smile:. I put a giant VOID! watermark on it so no one would try and sell it on eBay since I'm sure its fake.
    collect2 0032.jpg collect2 0042.jpg collect2 0052.jpg
  9. Its a fake ....sorry!