did Gucci EVER make this bag in this color?? pic inside

  1. http://img.makeupalley.com/8/5/9/9/648891.jpeg

    Did Gucci ever make this horsebit bag in that light pink color?

    The picture may be a fake bag... but just wondering if Gucci made a REAL bag in that color.
  2. Yes they did. I saw it at the Gucci boutique where i live.
  3. Hmm.. I don't remember ever seeing in that color? Other styles yes but not this one.. I thought there was another thread about this as well.
  4. are you sure u saw it? not to sound rude but i ve NEVER seen it in that color...and my SA would have told me because she knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink...but u know the east way to find out...

    call gucci directly! if u have the planner all of their numbers are listed in there...if not let me know i can get it for u!

    good luck
  5. and food for thought, the inner lining looks off...do the light pink bags have a light pink inner lining?????

  6. really, you saw this pink bag at Gucci? when did you see it? how long ago?
  7. Never seen it before. I searched top to bottom, from US sites to Asian sites, to no avail.
  8. i use to have that bag too! SUPER CUTE!

    anywho, gucci did make bags in that color but not on the horsebit hobo. the pink came in the abbey totes - the square shapes and the um not squary one..the one with the open no zipper (if u noe which one im talking about)
  9. i think it will be super easy if you just call gucci and ask them! let me know if u need a particular boutique number...if u have a planner it should be in there!

    good luck