did Goyard come out with a different brown leather trim?

Jan 10, 2007
I was doing a little holiday shopping at an upscale mall in SoCal(SCP) when I noticed a woman next to me carrying a St. Louis in black canvas trimmed with walnut brown leather. I was carrying my Fidji in black canvas with the natural(chestnut/cognac) leather trim at the time, and those two bags side by side with their respective leather trims looked so different. It threw me off because I've never seen Goyard do a different hue of brown leather trim before that day.



Aug 17, 2006
Lost and found
When I was in paris last summer, as you know I'm a tan on black Goyard fan, I noticed that the brown on the fidji and the brown on the St. Louis's were not EXACTLY the same.

That being said, it wasn't as dark as walnut, and I suspect she may have not had a real Goyard.