Did everyone who got PCE before get one this time?

  1. I didn't:sad:
  2. I did but last time was my first time...hmmm is it a random thing? Maybe I'll check other threads on how it's decided as i'm curious...
  3. This is the 3rd one I've gotten in a row
  4. Got one last time AND bought my mom a legacy shoulder zip + a mini skinny with it, but no card this time. I just moved and I'm worried it might get sent to my old address...
  5. I got a PCE discount by just asking for one last time around, but I didn't get one this time around. I probably shouldn't have been so pushy :p LOL!
  6. This is the third time in a row that I've received the PCE card. However, I didn't get a chance to use the first PCE card that was sent to me. I believe that I received the second PCE card because I tend to do a lot of shopping at the Coach outlets. During the last PCE event, both my mother and I took advantage of the great spring/summer shoe sale :smile:
  7. this is 4th PCE in a row i've gotten....and honestly, have only shopped during PCE since the first one this year...
  8. Yes, I got one in June and one now. I don't plan on buying anything though, I decided to buy a Kooba instead of a Coach. The legacy shoulder flap was just too big for my needs. And I had my heart set on a grey (clay) colored bag.
  9. I got one sent the past June and one sent this time around.
  10. The last one I just happened to walk in the store and they were giving it to everyone. I bought the chelsea sig. satchel and optic wristlet...so I called today and said I never got one and I'm not sure they even have my info on file - she said she couldn't add me to the system unless I am purchasing something!!? what?

    How do u get an invite? What if you give them your info on their website?
  11. I got one last time for the first time...and then again recently
  12. This is the 3rd one I've gotten in a row. An yes, I have purchased using the pce all 3 times.
  13. I got one in June and one now.
  14. This is my 3rd I think & I have used it every time. I also buy things periodically in between though - and always @ the same store. Not big things, but things:smile:
  15. I've gotten the last four but didn't buy something every time. If you didn't get one, don't worry--I'd just call and tell them what you want to buy, that you received a PCE last time and could you use it again? I bet they'll let you or will save a card for you.

    I think they're mixing some things up this time because it seems like some people who shop a lot aren't getting them and then others who shop at outlets or other areas that weren't counted are getting them.

    I think if you own a coach bag, you should get one!