Did everyone know?

  1. We have a new Forum called Relationships & Family?

    I know a lot of people don't browse around much, they like to stick to their few favorite Forums, but we have several other new ones too.:yes:

    I keep moving threads about relationshpis w/ friends, co-workers, Mother-in-laws, boyfriends, etc. . . and thought maybe people just didn't realize that there's a Forum especially for those topics.

    Just a heads' up:winkiss:
  2. I think it just takes a while to adjust that there is a new forum Swanky...LOL...I even forget to move some threads into it sometimes as I havent quite gotten used ot it yet..HEHE..Im an old fart with no memory..LOL!
  3. I see a lot of people commenting about how they never leave _____ Forum.
    I figured this may actually apply to some people:yes:

    :shrugs: oh well, doesn't hurt for me to let everyone know about our few new great Forums.
  4. I forget it's there...but it is a great addition.
  5. i'm glad it was created... there was a true need for it judging from the threads these past couple of months...

    ahhhh.....:beach: life is grand @tpf!!
    we can discuss anything!
  6. I hit the "new posts" on top a lot...that helps me find threads in forums that I wouldn't normally visit. That is how I fell in love with Balenciaga!!