Did everyone get Joanna's email?!?!

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  1. OMG 10% price increase!!!! GEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZ!!!!!!! For those of you that didn't get it....ALL Prada worldwide is going up....she thinks 10%..effective Feb 1st!!!!!

    Yuck yuck and YUCK!!!!!
  2. Serious?!!! NO WAY!!!
    I thought they just increased their prices in Dec 09! In less than 3 months and they are increasing AGAIN?!!! :tdown::wtf:
  3. I received it too... I thought they have just increased price... oh my, that is really crazy!!!!..
  4. oh, not good news but I'm sure it won't stop me from buying another bag if I totally gotta have it:biggrin:
  5. yep i got the email.. and i was thinking of laying low till next season!
    east/west in fumo is very tempting though.... mmm... just wondering if i should get it.. recently got a plain east/west tessuto in nero......

    what do u think? or shall i save up a bit more and get another diff kind of leather..
    at the mo i only have the nappa gauffre, a nylon jacquard, nylon tessuto...
  6. I'm OK for now..if she had a n/s tessuto w/ silver hardware I'd be jumping on it though....!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Oh no! This upsets me. I have been searching for this bag in any color except for the black and brown that is offered everywhere online and I was so hoping she would get some in. I surely don't want to pay 10% more for it. I might as well just order the cream from Barneys since it seams like that will be the best price I can get. :sad:
  8. I got it too!! She e-mailed me as I enquired about the Nappa Gauffre and have been mulling over it!!!

    Arrrrrrrggggghhhhhhhhhh 10%!!!!!!!! :tdown::pout:
  9. ya, got it too... wow, too soon! didn't know dec had an increase...

    fumo BN1407 is indeed tempting! but decided to wait for ALUMINIO gauf 1st... :thinking:
  10. I didn't get the email so I guess the increase doesn't apply to me. :P
  11. oh no,....
  12. I expected the increase.

    Chanel is going up by 20% and Hermes is also increasing their prices (if that hasn't gone into effect already).

    My SAs have been updating me like crazy urging everybody to buy NOW.

    Looks like I should be hoarding my existing collection for a while...:roflmfao:
  13. Me either - so I guess that makes at least two of us where the increase will not go into effect - thank goodness!:biggrin:
  14. Seems like every quarter there is an increase on Prada bags, :yucky: unfortunately not my salary to keep up the rate of increase. I guess it is my time for a BIG BAN now. :sad:

    hm.. department store has a better price than prada boutique
  15. man!THATS insane with this economy!