Did everyone get a dustbag with their Groom agenday?

  1. Coz I didn't, and I really want one :crybaby:
  2. Yes, I got one with each of mine! Just call and tell them you want one!

    It's so weird how so many people are not getting dustbags with their purchases!
  3. Yep. Go to LV and ask for one:yes: (just don't buy anything while you're there:whistle: )LOL
  4. Did they at least put it in a box of some sort?
  5. Yes, I did. Definitely call your SA and ask for one.:yes:
  6. Yes I did...no box though.
  7. I got both a box and a dustbag. Definetly call!!!!!!!!!
  8. For sure, you have to dustbag (and box) with your groom agenda!
    Please ask your SA for one!!!
    I think it's weird that why some buyers didnt get that with the purchase!?!?!?
  9. :yes: Call, I got both the bag & box too. I was told that LV shipped the groom pieces this way & they were to be sold with the bag & box to protect the screening.
  10. Yes, I bought mine in Brisbane and got a box and a dust bag.
  11. I got a box, but not a dustbag :sad:

    Ok I'm gonna call
  12. My SA actually said that they don't come with dust bags!!!


    Is she bluffing me??:shrugs:
  13. I too got both when I was sold my groom agenda. You should have received both!:yes:
  14. I got a dustbag and a box with mine. They should at least give you a dustbag for something with such a delicate finish.
  15. I called up both boutiques and they're like, no, Groom agendas don't come with dust bags!!!