did everyone else get the memo (?)

  1. ^^ that brown's the new black (lol!!!) :p:okay::tup:

    yippy, this season's browns are giving my black b-bags a run for the $$$ :wlae:...ladies, please meet my new brown babies (cafe '07 brief, sienna/tabac '07 twiggy, cinnamon '07 part-time & truffle '07 city) :heart:...i wanted to post them for all of you trying to decide between the different colors...personally, i love them all equally & think they're all delish!!! :drool:

    DSCF0874 REV.jpg DSCF0896 REV.jpg DSCF0879 REV.jpg DSCF0887 REV.jpg DSCF0862 REV.jpg
  2. :drool::drool: Oh, Wow girly! I love them all!!
  3. I thought that once you go black, you never go back :confused1:

    Just kidding, Bammies:heart: your browns are lovely and fresh on the eyes :yes:
  4. ^^ lol, guess i was wrong!!! :p
  5. ^^ awe, thanks sweetie!!! :tender:
  6. Congrats - mouthwatering! like a box of chocolates!!!
  7. WOW, Aaaallabama!!:nuts: Your new bags are AMAZING!!:love: Congratulations, sweety!:yahoo: I'm so happy for you!:yes: Thanks for sharing!:tender: They are STUNNING!:heart:
  8. That Sienna and Cinnamon is lookin mighty fine.

    *Licks lips.
  9. :drool:
  10. didn't get the memo but thanks for the heads-up!:p your collection rocks!
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sienna! they're all beautiful!!!
  12. ^^ thanks so much y'all :love:
  13. but your first love is still black, right?! love all your yummy browns.
  14. Y-U-M! I love that truffle.
  15. OMG!!! I'm drooling all over my computer :wtf: Fab collection!!!!