Did ever one of your friends lost you an LV?

  1. That happened to me like 6 years ago. I loaned to one of my girlfriends an Epi leather black pochette and she lost it! Can you believe it?? That was tragedy. Did that ever happened to you? I learned "no, no, no, LV's to anyone" Saludos! :biggrin:
  2. oh wow, that really sucks! I'd be devastated! I've never lent any purses or jewlery out to anyone for fear of them either really loosing it or pretending to have lost it to keep it.
  3. Not yet and never will. None of my friends ever asked if they can borrow a bag. Even if they did, I'd let them know that if anything happens to it....they're getting me a new one.
  4. I don't lend out any of my designer bags EVER!!
  5. I only lend out my lower end bags. Never will I ever let anyone borrow an LV bag.
  6. I would never loan expensive clothes, handbags, or jewelry to my friends....if I did my friend would be buying a new bag.
  7. Sorry to hear.
    But NO i would NEVER lend out one of my lv's to anyone..

  8. I would NEVER lend anyone one of my bags..if they ever were to lose them..they better buy me a new one the next day!
  9. I never lend out any of my cherished personal items to anyone. Too many things can happen!
  10. I don't think there's a friend in the world I'd lend any of my LVs to...
  11. My mom actually commented over the weekend that my friends must be borrowing my LV bags and once I got over my shock, I informed her that no one borrows or even gets close enough to touch them. They don't hold them for me even briefly, especially the untreated vachetta handles, and don't have any rights, whatsoever. Only 2 people in this entire world will ever use my bags, and that's my mother and, of course, me. If I ever have daughters, then I'll teach them how to treat the bags well once they're old enough. But until then? No one.

    She was pleased to hear it- I think that was an early Mother's Day present!
  12. whoa I hope she got you a new one!!!
  13. The only person who is allowed to borrow my LV is my Mum, because I know she takes care of it. :flowers:
  14. I let my friends borrow clothes and my bags...maybe for a special night ot, or a little weekend away. It does not bother me.(I have not had a bad experience as of yet...)
  15. I would NEVER let ANY of my friends carry my bags EVER!!! I know it sounds *****y but NO THANKS.