Did empreinte and epi ruin canvas for you??

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  1. So I got my first lv mm a few months ago in de and clemence in de to match a few weeks ago and thought I would round out the group with a smaller da bag to toss a few items and go. In comes the pochette metis in noir and Alma B.B. in black epi and suddenly the de speedy b 25 doesn’t feel as substantial or impressive. I have to admit the epi feels a little too stiff and I am still waiting to see what a de Alma B.B. feels like getting in and out of bc I really do love de, but visually, wow the epi is pretty. And the speedy b 25 doesn’t come in empreinte anymore, but would the leather make it significantly heavier anyway?? I’m a mom of 3 with a newborn so maybe the leathers are for a time when kids won’t be destroying the insides of my bags? I’d love to hear your experiences with any of these sizes or materials in comparison with each other or others that you find have more pros/cons.
  2. For me it was the other way around. I'm more of a leather kind of girl. When I first started looking into the LV brand I never really considered any of the mono and damier canvas. I was like if I am going to pay that much money why not spend a little bit more and get the leather version. The two leather bags I got are both epi so the material is pretty stiff. When I warmed up to the brand and fell in love with the Palm Springs backpack I now know what the hype is all about the canvas. So far I have more canvas bags and slgs in my small collection.
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  3. Nm
  4. That makes so much sense, I am happy to hear the exact opposite experience to affirm this phenomena of kind of thinking you are only into one kind of material and then being pleasantly surprised and enchanted with others :smile: i love how light and easy it is to take care of the de so I’m not going to take her for granted just because some pretty leathers came into the equation :smile: that said, are there certain bags you found work better in canvas and others you think should be in epi or empreinte bc of the nature of how they fold/bend/slouch? I.e. some folks say the speedy in empreinte sags too much after time vs the pochette metis in canvas having the issues in canvas that it doesn’t seem to have in empreinte and the Alma being more stiffens harder to get in and out of in epi than de.
  5. I have speedy 25 in noir empreinte and alma B.B. in epi freesia, I have got them not very long ago, can’t speak too much about the use experience, but I think the empreinte 25 is not significant heavy( compares to my tivoli pm, the only mono I have), but it does hurt my arm when I use it tophandle for a whole day. I think for the reason of that de speedy b is definitely a great choice. For the alma B.B., even though I really love the de one, but I have noticed that on some of the user’s bags from YouTube, where the joining edge of the leather base and canvas body has a “groove” around from time to time, it doesn’t hold its smooth straight shape as well as the epi, which is the deal breaker for me on this particular bag, but I can see it won’t be a huge issue for anyone that is not as picky as me on details. Then I have to say I am a more leather person when it comes to Louis Vuitton, because I think the leather ones aren’t that into your face and looks really luxurious and good quality. Either of them are beautiful in different way.
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  6. Leather all the way. I started with their canvas bags but really, the leather bags are so much nicer.
  7. I only have two LV bags, so I’m far from an expert, but here’s my two cents:

    My very first LV bag is a black Empreinte Speedy B25 (the new model). I can’t tell you how much I love this bag! It’s a great combination of form and function. It holds a lot for it’s size and stylilistically, it can go almost anywhere. I don’t find it heavy for a leather bag, and after two years, it doesn’t sag.

    Shortly after that, I got a Totally PM in DE (this was shortly before this model was discontnued). I like the look but don’t love it like I love my Speedy. But man, is it functional — spacious for a small tote, lightweight and of course, weatherproof.

    I’ve considered another Empreinte Speedy but haven’t found a color I like enough to spend the money on. I did consider DE at one point, but in this bag, I think the Empreinte is both more stunning and more substantial. I'm considering a Pochette Metis in Empreinte, but so far black is the only color I like and I don’t know if I want two black Empreinte bags that are similar in function.

    I love the look of Epi but the stiffness has held me back so far. For me it makes the Speedy way too stiff. I liked the Vaneau but didn’t love it. I tried on an Epi Alma PM a year or so ago and loved it but again, the base was so stiff. Now it’s discontinued so my choices are preloved, canvas, or an Epi BB which is beautiful but may just be too small. It’s one of those bags that I know why I didn’t buy it, but I still think about it anyway!

    I tend to go for leather because I’m conflicted about canvas. Monogram makes me feel self-conscious. I like DE but don’t want more than two, maybe three bags in it. I generally like bags that are a solid color, not patterned. I’m drawn to the Clapton because it’s both leather and DE. And I don’t care much for DA. If LV had more varieties of canvas, I’d probably have more canvas bags because they are light, easy and generally high-quality.
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  8. I started out with a few canvas bags until I discovered the Taurillon leather, then the Empreinte leather. The Taurillon Leather bags are fancy to me, just luxurious and thick leather. Love, love. I think anyone that can, should have at least one beautiful Taurillon leather LV bag for fancy dates and such. But... I will not carry them if there is any chance of rain or kids. :no: I feel like the Empreinte Leather in noir is zero maintenance and I don’t ever worry about it getting raindrops or really anything on it. I am not a fan of the epi leather, no reason, just don’t care for the way it looks. The canvas bags are lightweight and wonderful for when I am on trips or with my grand daughters, who tend to be messy :shocked: because they are just worry free, especially the DE. Could not live without my NF in DE when I go on a trip with my dogs or grand kids.
  9. I enjoy having both canvas and leather. For me, a classic speedy in mono or DE is beautiful, versatile and so classic. I recently got an Alma PM in DE and love it! As for leather, my SC PM was nothing short of exquisite, though it was a bit heavy. My Epi Alma BB
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  11. I agree with you on the Alma in epi. It is very structured. I have the PM size, even though it is spacious I am still careful how I put my things so I do not deform/dent it.
    The empreinte and mahina I think over time will just lose structure over time as it is the nature of leather. The only time I think it will maintain its shape is if it was made with structure support like foam padding and layered with another leather piece.
    Any type of bag be it canvas or leather really benefits from bag organizers and base shapers.
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  12. I love Empreinte and Epi but stlll appreciate my canvas bags. I have the PM in Empreinte Noir and it’s one of my faves and very low maintenance. I have a ZCP and an Alma BB in Epi Denim. But my classic Speedy B Mono and DE are in frequent rotation. I just love it all when it comes to LV.
  13. I have some Epi pieces, it has not deter me away from canvas.
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  14. No way, I prefer canvas bags. I would sell the leather bags but they don't resell well, so I'll just keep them for now. Overall I use canvas more than leather.
  15. I like both canvas and leather equally. I feel that they serve different purposes and provide different aesthetics to the bags. I still purchase and carry both :smile:
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