Did/Does Coach make a Bleecker hobo 11415 in RED?

  1. Like RED RED? I saw it for about a split second the other day when I was perusing the Coach website, and when I clicked on the picture, the website flashed the "unavailable" screen at me. I know that Bleeckers are hitting the outlets right now and I SO want to get my mom this bag in RED (I have it in black)...but the only ones I'm seeing is that brownish-wine color? A seller on eBay is claiming that it's RED, but while it looks red in a photo or two, it actually looks more brown to me.

    What say you all?
  2. I'm not sure about the hobo but they have a color called rose which looks red in the stock photo but IRL it's a washed out red color rather than a vibrant 'red red'. KWIM?
  3. Hmmm, rose...let me check into that. I totally get what you're saying...about the vibrant v. muted. THANKS! :p
  4. That would be wine.
  5. Rose is like a rosey red color...I would say washed out red is a good description...

    WINE is a deep mahogany color.