Did/Do, Fendi make jackets/coats w/ F's all over?

  1. just curious :smile:
    i bought a jacket awhile back on eBay. The jacket looks authentic. The stitching is tight, the labels are all intact, etc........

    did they ever make jackets/coats w/ the F's all over it? :confused1:
    i have never seen one except for the one i have. I hate to be wearing a fake fendi w/ people snickering behind my back. lol. how embarrassing?!!

    thanks everyone!
  2. i'm sure they probably have at some point, but that doesn't necessarily make the one you bought authentic
  3. You can try posting some pics of the fabric, tags, stiching etc on the authenticate this thread incase somewhere here can help you. Can't hurt!
  4. They'll usually do rain coats and stuff like that with the logo. But I've never seen a winter coat or anything like that with the logo.
  5. tags read:
    Fendi (and over that--the 2 Fs -one upside down and the other one)
    Below Fendi------the number 365 reads
    Below that ---Made in Italy

    On another tag:
    F106/65 1
    50% cotone
    50% baumwolle
    50% cotton
    50% nylon-poliam
    50% polyamid
    50% nylon

    and ,,,,,,the list goes on
    On another tag:
    Don't Wash
    Don't Bleach (Duh!) lol
    Cool Iron

    Made in Italy

    Furrier Clean Only

    (i should've just taken a freaking picture!)
  6. I know this isn't going to be too much help BUT there was an episode of SATC where Miranda is wearing a waist length Fendi jacket with the F's all over it. I just tried to doa google search to see if I could find a pic of it but I am not having any luck. It is from the 2nd season where Carrie breaks up with Big and the girls take her to a baseball game to cheer her up. At the baseball game Miranda has the coat on the whole time.

    So one does exist!
  7. [​IMG]

    Ok here is the best picture I could find...
  8. If you look really really closely you can see the F's!!
  9. WOW I am on a roll..haha here are the details of Miranda's outfit (from HBO.com)

    Miranda - Baseball Game (11): Top: Orange turtleneck; Purse: Black Club Monaco saddle; Jeans: Earl; Shoes: Black Barney's moon boot; Coat: Black Fendi; Sunglasses: White Bvlgari

  10. dang it! i need to find it!
    thx for trying, anyways! ;)

  11. thanks! it looks identical to mine except mine is brown and hers is black
    i like hers better

  12. yes u are!