Did Coach make

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  1. a MFF Editorial Zoe?
  2. Nope, haven't seen one yet. Why, have you spotted a giant Zoe with an "F" creed?
  3. Lol, no I was just curious:biggrin:
  4. AFAIK no, I have yet to see any MFF Edit. size zoes... just the Large I believe.
  5. DId they make the Ed. Zoe in patent colors? I'd LOVE one, but don't think I could pull it off, so I'll be good and not look for one. LOL :biggrin:
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    I only know that the Editorial Patent Zoe came in Fawn & Crimson. Maybe others will chime in if I'm missing any?

    ETA: Oh, and the patent ones were fabulous... had an exterior zipper pocket, which was awesome. If only I could have found the crimson at my outlet... alas, they only had fawn