Did Coach Factory Change Zipper Brands?

  1. My husband took me shopping for my Christmas present yesterday since he said he has no business being in a ladies fashion store without me. I ended up picking out their Signature Nylon Striped bag (F17668) that they featured in this weeks email coupon.

    Today when I was putting my stuff into the new bag, I noticed that the zipper head doesn't say YKK but instead says IDEAL both the outside zipper and inside zippers say this.

    Its been a few months since I have shopped at the Factory stores so I was wondering if it's just Coach Factory bags that have different zipper heads or if the Coach Boutiques have them as well?
  2. Gosh! I was just drooling over at Dillard's in the Coach section, and I didn't even notice that. I am all about the zippers, too. I'll have to check again when I go back.
  3. I believe that I have seen Hyacinth mention that Coach has used different brands over the years. The rumor that all Coach bags should say YKK is false.
  4. Absolutely! And anyone who has been taken in by the "YKK zipper myth" really needs to read this Salearea eBay guide about Coach zippers - depending on the stamp on a zipper to prove a Coach is genuine is a SURE way to get stuck with fakes:

    "Coach and the YKK Zipper Myth - the Basic Facts"

    And a big THANK YOU to PrairieDawn for verifying what I've been telling people for years, including at the bottom of every post I make here.
  5. The MFF stuff I bought several months ago says YKK, the recent stuff says IDEAL. The FP items I've bought recently still say YKK as does the Factory remake of the Poppy Jazzy I bought a couple weeks ago.
  6. My SA told me they use Ykk but that they only are putting them on the inside of the bags because of all the fakes .And thats the reason why when you buy a newer coach bag you may notice the main zipper to the bag has no Ykk on it but the interior Zipper will.
  7. I bought 2 MFF and 1 FP delete since the end of Nov this year. 1 MFF has all YKK zippers inside and out. The other MFF does not have an outer zipper but the inner zipper is IDEAL. My FP delete has all YKK zippers. All bags came from the outlet so I knew they were all made by coach, not a fake.
  8. I just had my Ashley satchel and matching wallet in wisteria delivered today from the online coach factory 48 hour sale. They both have ideal zippers. The legacy Molly and matching slim zip wallet from coach fp I bought have ykk zippers in them. I had also bought two months back a crimson red carryall with ykk zippers from mff sale and a medium wristlet and another small bag from mff sale with both ideal zippers. I know coach is making a lot of bags in Vietnam, Philippines and India as well as China which I've gotten bags, wallets and wristlets from all of these countries. I learned so much from Hyacinth and purseforum reading and studying coach for months because I bought my first coach bag off of eBay. I worked myself into a frenzy thinking I bought a fake and set out to find the truth. It was the Ashley carryall in violet 3 signature color. It was made in Vietnam with ykk zippers. The ykk thing is absolutely a myth. They absolutely use ideal zippers. As I've learned from all of you ladies and gents who have spent their time on here educating a newbie such as myself, the biggest line I've learned is the most consistent thing with coach is their inconsistency.