Did Coach ever make a 5624?

  1. Hello, I'm new to this forum and bought my first Coach in January. About 2 days later I wanted more!! My mom and my sister call it the Coach fever. hehe... :yahoo:

    Anyway, I found a purse on eBay that I'm interested in. The person said the serial number is L04q-5624. Does this sound like something that Coach made? I tried looking up "5624" using the drilldown link but I only got the "Page Cannot Be Displayed" message. :confused1:

    Thanks for everyone help in advance! :heart:
  2. I tried looking it up on the drilldown site and got the same thing. I am not familiar with that style but I dont know a lot of the style numbers. Can you post a picture? Or maybe ask over on authenticate this .
  3. maybe if i can see a picture
  4. Hi,
    I just looked it up on eBay and found one. Is it a signature boxy tote with metallic pink trim? I beleive that it's real and have seen those around. I'm sure one of our Coach experst will tell you for sure. Welcome to the forum!
  5. Actually....I recall seeing one with straw, not the Signature print.
  6. Yes. That is a style sold in 2004.
  7. It may not come up on the DD if it was made for outlets.
  8. iddk i only remember it in straw ?

    but i could be wrong
  9. Here's a picture of the purse I'm asking about. Did they make a 5624 in the signature fabric? I really like the purse but don't want to purchase a fake.

    Thanks for everyone's help! :heart:

  10. Yikes... search for the word "Target"... I think that was on of the bags I saw at my Target, did the seller say where they bought it from??

    I will search for that link, so you can see the pictures of the racks they had...
  11. I would post pics of this bag in the authenticate this section regardless....

    I went back and checked the "Target" link: http://forum.purseblog.com/coach/coach-at-target-stores-50555-11.html?highlight=Target

    and the ones that I saw at Auburn Hills anyway, were all different serial numbers. The style on the row in the middle is similiar, but the one you're looking at has the o-ring design, and the ones at Target had a square buckle.

    Serial number information on page 9, #133. Pictures of the bags at Target on page 10, post #137.

    Sorry for the false alarm. :smile:
  12. Thanks for your help Bags4Bubbles. I'll post a reply in the Authenticate This! thread. ;)
  13. The style number LO4Q-5624 is correct for that style
    i know this because i sell them in Beige and black
    if you google coach 5624 handbag you might get more result and pics