Did Coach Change their Return Policy? Only exchange?

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  1. I was really disappointed when I went to Coach this past week. I had a bag (current style still in stores) I wanted to return (for merchandise credit) because the hardware just made the bag too heavy but I didn't have the reciept. I was told I could NOT be issued merchandise credit but I could exchange for something. There isn't anything I absolutely love at Coach right now and it just didnt make sense to me to spend hard earned money on something I didn't really like. Isn't giving me a merchandise credit (for later) and an exchange the same thing?? I thought Coach had a more reasonable policy which is why I purchase often from them. They never struck me the type of store to be IMO "nit picky" about returns. It's jsut not practical for me to have to lug the heavy bag I don't want with me every single time I go shopping in the case that I might stop by Coach, find something I like, and exchange. When I shop, I want my hands as free as possible and I don't want to be carrying a large heavy bag with me in case I find something I like while browsing. I explained this to the manager and she still said no, I went to another store and was told the same thing. :confused1: Were the stores I went to just picky or is it the same around all Coach stores? Did they really change their policy?

    So I ended up exchanging for another bag I'm not very fond of just because it was lighter in weight. Now, I have an exchange reciept? So can I bring that bag in with that reciept and recieve store credit? I read their policy, I'm not sure what an "original reciept" is. Is an exchange reciept the same thing?
  2. I think it's the lack of a receipt that makes the difference here. It's probably to prevent people who bought Coach merchandise at a discount at a department store or even on eBay from marching into a store and demanding full credit from the Coach store. Sorry it didn't work out for you. I bet you hold on to all of your receipts now.
  3. Coach didn't change their policy. A receipt has always been required (per the policy) for returns but sometimes SAs will overlook it and allow an exchange or MC. Actually, the SA who offered you an exchange was doing you a favor because she could have (and probably should have) just said no to both an exchange or MC.

    Here's a link to the return policy from Coach.com:

    Coach - Returns Policy
  4. Thanks everyone!

    So I called around a few stores. It seems like in the Bay Area you need to have a reciept. I called SCP, and the SA had never heard of that policy, she said as long as the item is current and hasnt been used, store credit is okay.

    *Edit to add: I called to Fashion Valley Store in SD and the SA had never heard of policy either. He said it's perfectly fine. I told him what had happened in the Bay Area stores and he said he was 99% sure I could get store credit without a reciept but went to ask the manager anyways. he said it's the same thing anyways (except from a business standpoint) Manager said it was fine. I guess all in all, I'm just frustrated that the stores here are so picky about it and its ridiculous I need to wait until I go to socal to return the bag. What a hassle!!! (This is a new bag, still in stores, still full retail, never used, tags attached)