Did Coach change the overall size of small Ergo?

  1. This summer, I purchased a small camel Coach Ergo hobo and now I've been checking out the website. I noticed that the measurements of all their small Ergo hobos (belted or not, leather or siggy) are a bit bigger (from height to width) and even the strap drops are longer. Does anyone know for sure if the small Ergos are now definitely a little bigger (which is a good thing IMO!)?
  2. Yes, they are noticeably roomier.
  3. Im not sure if the size of the bag itself is larger but I do believe the strap length is longer. I've been wondering the same thing.
  4. I'm all for the lengthening of the drop length! It's actually what prevented me from picking up a small ergo at the outlet...
  5. i think they just changed the strap length. it used to be 14 inches now its 20 inches.
  6. Glad to know that! I'll definitely be more enticed to buy the new Ergo hobo, especially the belted one!
  7. That's good to know, thanks! :tup:I never cared for the "tucked firmly under the armpit" look, lol.
    Does the medium hobo have a longer strap also?
  8. ^^ Yes, the medium hangs noticebly lower. I went to my store this afternoon to get a medium and actually ended up with the small. I really liked the way it hung better and didn't slouch so much. I loaded most of my stuff in it and carried it around the store while I shopped. It sat nicely on my shoulder and was so light! Although I'm a little worried that it might be a touch too small (I currently carry the legacy shoulder bag). I may still change my mind back to the medium...

    Side note...the plum color is GORGEOUS!! Even better IRL than in pics!