Did Citta Rosa Ever Made it to the Outlets?

  1. Hi there... I want something in Citta Rosa and wondering if it ever or will ever end up in the Outlets? Thanks girls...
  2. No that and citta wont be making its way to the outlets
  3. So, I wonder where all the extras are then? They went to the department stores sales racks? IDK...I still want a citta that's why hahah...well in the future >__<
  4. I was going to ask the same thing...lol... Yeah where did they go? *sings* Where in the World is Citta Rosa... lol sorry :upsidedown:
  5. Like Carmen San Diego? LOLz...anyways I hope someone can answer us..or maybe they sold out? I am glad I did get my hands on a Citta Rosa Bella..but I still need a regular citta hahaa. Must find out where they went!
  6. A lot of the citta and citta rosa prints ended up at loehmann's that's where I got my citta scuola and citta rose trenino...
  7. and I heard tj maxx, ross, etc got a couple originals so maybe some of the citta/citta rosas went there also
  8. when i went to seattle outlet and bought a bag and i used my cr wallet and the women said oh thats nice what print is this i said cr. i told the women i dont think they had this print at the outlets n some other sales women said oh we got this print before. but we dont have it anymore so im not sure? i know there was cittas at winners here same with foresta.
  9. i'm thinking the places that carried them clearanced them, because urban outfitters had citta rosa caramellas for like 50 bucks for a while. & now they don't carry any tokis :sad:
  10. yeah, UO had citta &cr denaros and a few bag styles, too. they haven't carried any toki bags [online at least] since. odd.
  11. Awww that sucks. I've been thinking about getting a Citta/CR bag but everything on eBay is too darn expensive!! :yucky: I rather NOT get a citta bag than buying one for their stupid prices :cursing:
  12. lol that's how I feel about Foresta.. even the pieces that are perfect are way over my budget :s

    I was lucky to find two Citta Rosas that I love and are at decent prices, but I'm only keeping one :p