Did Chloe change where the place the hologram sticker and did they change their authenticity cards?

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  1. So, I have a few Chloe Marcie Medium satchels and I noticed my two from 17 have the hologram on the back side of the leather tag that has the serial number on the inside pocket. Then, my one I just got has the hologram tag sewn into the inside pocket by the zipper with the hologram attached to the front of that. Also, there is no plastic authenticity card anymore, it’s a blank cardboard one in a Chloe foldout little paper cardboard packet. Is this correct?!
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  3. Here is a pic of the hologram I took from the inside pocket of my new black Marcie. Also, I’ve attached pics of the new card packet. Does this seem right? My SA said they changed it because the hologram sticker always fell off the leather tab, I just want to verify! However, there’s nothing to match the hologram sticker to anymore. Mine is very new it’s from 4/17.
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  6. So, I basically answered my own questions. I contacted Chloe boutique and they said Chloe made changes and one of them was the hologram placement and also the authenticity card packet. Whew! So, now we know!
  7. I bought Marcie and found there's no plastic auth card like it used to be, just what you posted.
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  8. I just bought another purse and was surprised it didn’t have a card with a hologram - just that new thick authenticity card. This saves me making a phone call !
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  9. Glad I posted this!
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  10. Me too, thanks!!
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  11. Thankyou for ur information
    Coz i hv the same question
    But know gor ur help
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  12. You’re welcome! I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that had the same concern!
  13. Thanks for posting this! I just got my first Chloe and was super worried and then as always, tpf to the rescue!!! Thanks for that!
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  14. You’re welcome! I was so worried too. Glad to help!
  15. I’m so happy you posted this! I got a Drew from fashionphile and it looked like this and I was worried it was a super fake or something. Glad to know there were updates. Also glad to know I got a newer bag!