Did Chanel used to make white boxes?

  1. In the eighties or early nineties?

    Just curious!

    I've seen a white box, with black lettering, and I don't think it's fake.
  2. I just got a white box this year - a few weeks ago actually. it was an anniversary box
  3. That's actually true. I had forgotten about that. Good point!

    The old box that I saw, recently, actually was the reverse of the current (ordinary) boxes. The top of the box was white, and the bottom black.
  4. I got a white box also when I bought my expandable tote. I know it wasn't the original box it came in as it was way too big for the bag, but it was a white box with Chanel written in black.
  5. Are you talking about vintage purses coming with white boxes?

    I've never seen a vintage white box. Only with current big bags.
  6. Two bags that I bought recently were both sent in white boxes with black lettering.
  7. Me too. My medium classic came in a small white box.
  8. Boxes from the late 80s do not open from the top, but rather from the side, so you're sliding the purse into the box. It's difficult to control the chain and the box is smaller than they are now. On the bright side, it's shiny somewhat like the shopping bags from the shine/gloss perspective.
  9. I recently received all white boxes when I was at the Rue Cambon boutique, but other than that I always receive black ones.
  10. the white boxes could've been transferred from the main paris boutique or the anniversary edition boxes if i am not wrong. only 31 rue cambon in paris has the white boxes, the boxes are made specially for the main boutique. i like the black ones better though. lol balenciaga boxes come in white with black wordings too. the black chanel boxes are more special, sexier IMO ;)
  11. I think they have switched from black to white from now on.
  12. could someone post a pic of that white box then ???
  13. Weird. I've never gotten anything but Chanel black boxes with white lettering. Fine by me since I think I'd like them better over the white ones.
  14. My cabas with braided chain arrived (from Chanel boutique) in a white box with black lettering.
  15. I got a white box when I purchased my Union Jack flap afew weeks ago.