Did Chanel make the Bubble quilted small flap ($1795) in dark green?

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  1. Has anyone seen the Bubble quilted small flap ($1795) in dark green? I have only seen it in dark beige and brown. I would be interested in dark green if they have it.
  2. :confused1:.. I've never seen one in dark green.... well anyone else please confirm.. would love to know also.. ;)
  3. The colors for this season in bubble quilt are brown and a beige champange color. I think over seas they offered it in green. I know its going to be hard to find if it exist. The bubble quilt in the us in chanel boutiques are sold out across the country. I know for a fact that it is not 1795 because they were like 2595 or 2695 this season.
  4. ^ I believe hikarupanda means these bubble quilt small flaps, which retail for US$1795:

  5. ^ yes, I am talking about the flap shown above, which is $1795. I just wonder if they also make the flap in green since i have only seen green in other style in the ligne.
  6. viviana has the green one! check out her avator - Viviana325.

  7. I do but is not the small one, lady deluxe...I like the one Che3rry posted.:drool::drool:
  8. Hika - yes this bag is available at Saks NYC. I just saw it on display on Tuesday or Wednesday, call Jonathan at the Chanel handbag shop, he helped me get one. I'm not sure what their direct number is but the main number to Saks is 212.753.4000 and ask for Chanel handbags (it is so sad that I have that # memorized).
    I think that green is stunning, I hope to have mine today so that I can share the photos with you ladies.
  9. yay yay. piccies please! and ladies, go check out what we have for S/S '08! piccies are up!

  10. Oh Kamilla very exciting, I adore the green! Congrats and cannot wait to see pics!
  11. Thanks kamilla for the info. How's the size of this bag? Is it like a e/w? Or bigger/taller than the e/w? Also, is the lambskin delicate?
  12. Mmm....I just called Saks NYC and they said they never had that bag in??? Can I ask for your SA?? The lady I spoke to didn't sound like she knows much :cursing:
  13. ooppss, just saw the name of your SA. Thanks!
  14. please do keep us posted if you manage to find the bubble quilt small flap in green. i was under the impression that saks only carried it in dark beige (i called earlier this week). thanks!
  15. Hika, speak to Jonathan. He is a very nice gentleman and will be able to help you. If you want, you can even reference my name. Tell him is the same one that I purchased this week, he should remember it because I just spoke to him on Wednesday. Good luck!