Did Chanel make handbags in these styles???

  1. Hello Everyone,

    These pictures are of ebay Buy It Now $50 FAKES....


    Can anyone tell me if Chanel actually made these styles?

    Thank you in advance
    Chanel handbag.jpg Chanel handbag 2.jpg
  2. I have seen a very close version of the first one. I am not familiar with the second one.
  3. I saw someone carrying the bag in the first picture IRL in pink and black and I was wondering to myself if it was authentic or a replica because I have never seen that style before so I thought I'd ask and see if anyone here knew.

  4. I think i have seen the 2nd one in some Japanese fashion magazine a few years ago. They also did something similar to the one in the 1st pic, also a few years ago.
  5. The first pic i've seen in a Japanese Magazine. The bag was majority black, the handles were rope and white around the top of bag. The side of bag has the double Cs. I believe the bag was from the Spring/ Summer 2005 range.

    The second bag i haven't seen before, but again in a magazine seen something similiar but not exactly like the pic.
  6. I have seen both in asian fashion magazines. So yes i believe Chanel has made both styles in the past. But fake bags are another thing...
  7. i've seen the 1st one only..