Did Chanel make a mint/light green flap?

  1. Does anybody know if they made a mint green medium flap in year 2000?
  2. Found a pic of the colour:
  3. omg.. delicious color :love:
  4. pretty color!
  5. I know it's so lovely!:love: Need to hunt one down but wanted to check if it was really made first lol.
  6. They also made one in tweed and also a camellia like design in flaps several years ago.Not sure which year tho.
  7. they made light green flaps/caviar for spring of 2005 / 2006 not that long ago.
  8. that's such a pretty color! i know they had that color in the mademoiselle collection...but I think that was one or two seasons ago.
  9. i saw that bag too from a japanese site. but i am not sure if they made that bag tho
  10. i saw a pst in that color in nyc
    very nice but my bf veto'd the purchase =(
  11. I saw a pale mint/sea-foam green that was the style and quilting like the reissue in a very large size (thought it was the 228) I asked about this before & someone said it was not the reissue but another style. They had it a NM in Northbrook & it was there for quite a while before I missed seeing it... ;-(
  12. Hoe fantabulous...PFERS Lets hunt this one down.
  13. [​IMG]

    OMG!! I love this color!! But I think it will look better in caviar..
  14. Does anyone here on the PF own one? Would love to see more pics:drool:
  15. Here's a pic of a green caviar flap that I saved a while ago. I think the color was called lime? I most likely found this on tPF so my apologies to the member who originally posted the photo. I just love the color.:love: I don't remember which season this is from.