Did Chanel Ever Make This

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  1. I just had one question I know this bag is fake, but did Chanel ever make this bag. Should it be under the cambon collection. eBay is selling this bag.
  2. I think I remember paris Hilton with a bag like that, or very similar. Look in the reference section under cambon, maybe it's there. I do remember a bag like that from somewhere!
  3. Yes Paris has a similar one, can also check under the celeb thread.
  4. Paris has been known to wear fakes though.
  5. just so y'all know, just because Paris had one, doesn't guarantee they were made! LOL!
    She's been seen sporting counterfeits before:yes:
  6. just curious how could celebs use fakes when they were sent with the authentic ones ???
  7. But WHY? When she can so well afford any! Oh is it that there are some designs that come in fakes and sadly Chanel does not carry? :graucho:
  8. I doubt Chanel actually sends Nicole, Paris and Britney bags{ all of whom have been photographed carrying fakes}
    I'm guessing they have received a free bag here or there, especially Nicole & Paris, but I don't think Chanel is throwing bags at these girls. Chanel is probably more generous to celebs they actually want photographed w/ their bags.
    Obviously these girls can afford real ones, but money doesn't = ethics:shrugs: