Did Canada Get the Heart Purse Yet?

  1. Just wondering......I have my name on a list. I have been doing follow-up calls to Louis Vuitton store every other day lol. But still no call because they have not yet come in. My 3 short questions:

    1. Are all the Heart Purses made in France? That would be cool if they all were made in France.
    2. Anyone know when Canada Louis Vuitton stores will receive these Heart Purses?
    3. Does anyone have a MC Heart Purse on a Speedy 25? I would love to see a pic.
    I'm still waiting to get a call for a MC Heart Purse :love:

    Thanks if there are any replies to my post. :shame: I'm just excited and hopeful I get a call for a MC Heart Purse.
  2. they had 2 on display in TO on saturday.. not sure how many were in the drawer.
  3. All the ones in Calgary are already sold, I think.
  4. Ok Vancouver store is who I'm waiting for the call from. I'll call them again today just to see if they have any. :shame:
  5. They don't call when they don't have one for your right. So its ok that I'm calling today.

    I'm sure it is ok. But is it correct - they won't call me to tell me I never got one right.

  6. Yeah, they probably won't call you if you didn't get one.
  7. ok the store i called - they said they might come in next week. or two weeks. So I'm not sure. They did say they will call me, if I happen to be on top of the list. So we shall see. If I don't get one, I'll be sad for a bit, but it will be ok also. I'm hoping I get the call. :love:

    Edit: They also said they didn't know how many will be coming to the store. And it all depends on their shipment. And as of today, they have not received any Heart Purses.
  8. Hi dazlingpearl, I waitlisted at Holt renfrew, van. Is this the one you just phoned? I may phone Hotel Vancouver boutique to c if they have any:confused1:
  9. For once...Calgary received their shipment before another store??? :wtf:
  10. wha? that's strange that the other Canadian LV boutiques didn't get them in. Calgary HR and Banff got them in. I got the framboise from Calgary and the Pomme from Banff. (I later returned the Framboise, I just wasn't feeling it as much as the pomme)

    I think sometimes they tell you it isn't in b/c they've already been spoken for, through ppl waitlisted before you or VIPs? I have heard its very limited and they are hoping for another shipment. The two boutiques I mentionned only got 1 of each color.
  11. I'm on the list at Hotel Vancouver. I didn't try Holt Renfrew - I only put my name down on the list at Hotel Van. Maybe I should of did it at both places. But I have to wait and see. :smile:
  12. i was called by my sa from the hotel vancouver location friday...for the pomme d'amour one...dunno about the mc one though. I called back this morning to say i changed my mind though. so there is (was) at least one red one available!
  13. the toronto boutique only had 2 in stock and are now sold out, there is a waitlist for it now.

    don't know about holts bloor or holts yorkdale.
  14. well last week Montreal didn't have them, dunno now:shrugs:
  15. oh ladies! good luck!