Did Brit finally hire a stylist?

  1. Britney Spears sports one hot black-and-white ensemble while out browsing for a new set of wheels at a roadside dealership on Thursday in Los Angeles — black hot pants, black waistcoat, white buttondown, a black fedora and a pair of peep-toes.
    With her everpresent BFF cousin Alli Sims, Brit checked out the new Smart cars, which have some artificial intelligence (”AI”) functionality.
    Earlier in the day, the pop princess headed back to the recording studio to work on her upcoming album during a four-hour-session. Two days ago, Brit asked fans to help her title said album.
    Later in the evening, Brit headed over to Millennium Dance Studios, where she held auditions for two male back-up dancers. She was also spotted at a private school — The Little Red School House in Hollywood.

    Well, maybe she's not as stylish as Victoria Beckham, but she looks waaay better than lately.
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  3. probably an influence from her cousin alli, thank god.

    her CL Iowa's are hot and she has killer legs.
  4. Yes she looks better, but I don't think she dresses a lot better here than in her photos from the worst times. She lost some weight.
  5. Britney never dressed well... she had a great body so she could get away with some crazy outfits, but that was it.
  6. What a relief to see she's pulling through.
  7. Oh my
  8. Her face still looks very puffy though - why do ya think?
  9. Not impressed...she's a walking train wreck!
  10. I love Alli's dress. I don't like Britney's outfit at all, and it doesn't look any better than any of the other outfits she's worn recently. But I do love her Louboutins:tup:.
  11. I'm sorry I just immediately started laughing when I opened the pic that outfit is hideous, I hope she is getting better though
  12. I think she looks ridiculous!
  13. ^^^ Amen!!!
  14. oh ick! LOL!
    Definitely still no stylist!
  15. :tup: ITA. I never would have guessed she had a stylist from that picture!