Did Botkier Change the Leather on the Sasha Duffle?

  1. So I'm browsing eBay tonite and came across a couple of Botkier Sasha Duffle bags that are listed (I already have one, but was just looking to see how much they're selling for) I pulled up the pics & enlarged them, and noticed that the leather on these bags looks drastically different than the leather on my bag. So I went to the Botkier website and looked at the Sasha bags there and saw the same thing. The leather on these Sasha bags looks much smoother and not as "mushy" as the previous season's bags. The leather on my Sasha is a lot like Gustto's leather on the Baca bag - soft, smooshy, wrinkly and even "bubbly" in places.

    I had read in a few other posts, that the leather on Botkier's F/W bags were pretty inconsistent. Even the Bianca bags - which have always been really soft - weren't nearly as nice as the previous season's bags.

    If that's the case, I'm so glad I got my Sasha when I did. I absolutely love that bag and the leather is big part of the reason. I don't know if I'd like the bag as much if the leather wasn't as soft & mushy. I also think the soft leather is what gives the bag it's unique look & shape - stiffer leather would change the look of the bag completely.

    Does anyone here own a Sasha from previous season AND one from the new F/W line? If you don't own one (from each season), maybe you've seem them IRL (both previous season's and the current ones) and can give me your thoughts.

    If they did change the leather, that was pretty dumb! I hate when designers do things like that - they make a bag that's a HUGE hit, then when they come out with new colors for the following seasons, they go and change the leather or some of the features. Don't they get that it's the ORIGINAL designs that made the bags such a hit in the first place?!
  2. I also think the soft leather is what gives the bag it's unique look & shape - stiffer leather would change the look of the bag completely.
    I agree with you.
  3. I have the satchel from last year and just got a duffle and the leather is exactly the same--soft and smushy! I ordered mine from Botkier. The pictures on the Botkier website don't really look like the one I received (but that's good!). The leather is shinier on mine.

    The soft leather makes the bag look good no matter how full it is. Changing it would be a huge mistake!
  4. I just saw the picture of the chocolate on AE and it does look much stiffer, even compared to the picture of the black that has been on the site for a while. Wow, I'm glad I got one that is soft!
  5. Yes..they did change the leather.I have the pudding from last year and the chocolate from this year. I bought both from Botkier. The chocolate is alot smoother,but I like it. I'll have to check out eBay..maybe I can get a deal on another color.
  6. I forgot to add.That although the chocolate is smoother,it doesn't change the look at all,other than the differant type of leather. I still get lots of compliments. I want the burgundy next.Did you see that on eBay? i'm a little weary of buying one from eBay. so If I find one i'll ask for help authenticating it.
  7. I was in Nordstrom the other night (happened to be carrying my Sasha duffle) and saw the new Sasha duffles in black and dark brown. The leather on the new ones (both colors) was definitely different than the one I have, it was not as textured or smooshy - made the bag look really different from mine (but it was also stuffed with paper for display purposes). The dark brown leather was stiffer than the black.
  8. Pretty sure they have changed all the leather on all their bags this season. (At least the ones I have seen, which is most of them.) It's all stiffer. I'm not happy about it.