Did Balenciaga go up in new style ??? or help me identify between two bags

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  1. so, I shopped around for Small balenciaga metallic bag. I found both small size and same leather, just different hardware. the price difference was about $200. I also included the pictures of both small bags here
    I just wondered the pink the color is newest collection because new tags etc. that is why 200$ more or hardware.
    could some help me why huge difference? Thanks PhotoGrid_1541706007709.jpg PhotoGrid_1541705933361.jpg
  2. Without seeing the interior tags its hard to know what season they're from. I haven't seen any charts on the current colours either, sorry!
  3. It's not uncommon to see price difference in online store. It may be due to color or season
  4. Yeah, not like the good 'ole days when we would get a sneak peak at the colors available for a particular Year/Season .. BOO HISS!!!