Did anything trigger r/o

Dec 6, 2005
Did anything or anyone trigger the love of handbags that you have today? I know for me it definitely started years and years ago ( I was about 8 year old!) when I saw a woman carrying a LV Luco Tote. She was so gorgeous and looked so together, and that handbag! The rest is history!
I was newly 'retired' from work with a baby at home and finding myself wearing the same old leggings (yes, this was a while back!) and oversized polo shirts. I'd admire the pretty bags but never bought one. Then I figured it would be a talisman. I bought a gorgeous (totally no-name) bag! I couldn't carry it wearing crap so I had to step it up a bit in the clothing department. I think it kept me from slipping further down towards wearing PJs and slippers out of the house! Anyway, since then....its high end bags all the way! Even with PJs and slippers!
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My mom, she always had designer shoes, purses, coats, and when I was younger, I would wear everything she didnt use anymore in dress-up and love it!Since then I have always loved purses, shoes, coats, etc. They still make me fill great...
My mom was actually never into designer anything. But she always let me play dress up with all of her old stuff. I just loved big shoes, necklaces, heels, bags, scarves. I always tried them all on and put on make up. Then I remember around 7th grade we went to a nice mall, and I fell in love with the bags at the LV store. After my first little Coach bag and LV bag, I was hooked. Funny thing is, I turned my mom into a designer lover now too
^^Its funny...my mom died when I was 18 and she's been gone longer now than the number of years that I had her....can't remember a SINGLE bag she ever carried! I can picture clothes and shoes and jewelry...no bags.
I don't think anything really happened to trigger my love for handbags. If any, this obsession has only started in the last 2 years - basically after college, and being in the working world. There's just something about carrying a nice bag that you've worked for.
I think it was my Aunt who triggered my love for handbags. She used to buy me a Guess or Nine West purse for my b-day every year until I finally started to appreciate their beauty. Then as my friends around me started to carry Coach, that sparked my interest in designer goods and it went from there. Then I got my first Burberry this year and now I'm HISTORY!! lol
I had a handbag @ about three. But I already submitted the story about my uncle finding that denim bag in McDonalds for me when I was 5. Some little girl was crying somewhere....
kojiko said:
It's been too long...I've been in love with handbags since...ever since. LOL But ever since my 1st year in college...it was really revived to the max!

I agree with you there, esp. when I am now away from home where no one would criticize my spending habit.

My mom has always carry a designer purse. She gave my my first Fendi bag and she also hands me down a few of her LVs... That's where it all started I think... From her and now she's criticizing me when she just got her birkin. What an irony! :suspiciou though I still love her a lot...