Did anything like this ever come out in English?

  1. oh man this would be such an awesome thing to have! too bad i dont do japanese =(
  2. No, it only comes in Japanese. But the pictures are great (althought they don't have the names of the bags unfortunately) and you can always convert the prices.

    I've been waiting for a 2005/2006 book to come out on eBay- but no such luck yet.

  3. i got the Chanel super collection 2005/2006,beautiful pics inside....all the bags is to die for.....is a must have for Chanel lover
  4. Yeah I remember about the Amazon link you sent me, I tried to order, but they don't ship to US addresses:sad:
  5. oh yes...i almost forgot about it....my sister told the 2006 one already out...
  6. thanks for the link! i'm tempted... the prices u pay for imported books =D
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