Did anyone watch Vh1's documentary on Lisa Lopes form TLC?

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  1. tonight?
  2. Nope, sorry missed it. Although, I would've liked to have watched it was SO tragic that she died.
  3. I watched the last 30 minutes.....so tragic. When they hit the child my heart sank.
  4. man i missed it. they will most likely replay though!
  5. it is on again today at 2 est.

    I caught it late last night and it was really touching, yet heartbreaking at the same time.

    Such a shame, she was such a great girl.
  6. I know! And how ironic that this occurred the day before her death and both last names were Lopes/Lopez
  7. I just watched it. How sad.
  8. OMG I just watched this and could not stop getting a sinking feeling...

    watching her talk and just explore the spirituality all the while knowing she's just days away from her death is so extremely sad.
  9. I saw it 3 times in the past couple of days:shame:, I was crying half of the time. Lisa's story is sad, The part when she felt deathing comming near her made me upset. I am abit upset that they left out the final seconds of her alive ( I had to turn off the television)

    RIP Left Eye, your never forgotten :heart:
  10. i watched half of it. i got chills down my spine, i miss her! she was very talented.
  11. awww i missed this. hopefully vh1 will repeat it sometime this week
  12. Anyone have any idea at all when this will be airing again? I really want to see it.
  13. ^ I Really Want To See It, Too. We Were So Busy ~ All Weekend...I Missed It! I Will Be Looking Out For It!
  14. I saw just the few seconds posted on perezhilton.com, we don't have VH1 here. I'm going to look for it on the net, really want to see it. It's a really strange feeling to watch the last seconds of her life.
  15. I just checked the VH1 site and it says that the next showing will be May 25th at 8pm. :tup: