Did anyone watch VH1's Blackmail in Hollywood show last night. They mentioned LV

Apr 25, 2006
in this really bizzare story. The CEO of the company that produces "Girls Gone Wild" videos was robbed in his own home. He was forced to take off his pants, put a rubber d*ldo between his butt cheeks while the robber video taped him. Then the robber tried to blackmail him using the video.

Anyway, among the things that robber took were cash, jewelry & LV luggage pieces. The LV pieces were used as evidence against the robber at his trial.

The same robber also broke into Paris Hilton's home & stole cash, jewelry & (you guessed it) sex tapes (how many more of these tapes does that girl have?!). No idea if he took any of her LV, at least the real ones, lol.


Aug 28, 2006
This totally made me LOL! Oh! MY Gosh...I have to see it...what was it called so I can DVR IT!:nuts: To Funny! in a sick and twisted way...:roflmfao: :devil:

Okay DOH~ I see the name I am going to look it up!