Did anyone watch the Oprah...

  1. show today? It was incredibly inspirational. I was a crying mess during Randy's lecture. If anyone's interested, here's the link for the show.


    There's also a link at the bottom to view the final lecture.

    To anyone who watched it, what did you think?
  2. Hmm I missed it this morning but it comes on here on re-run again at 3 or 4 I need to DVR it. Thanks for the heads up!
  3. 702 - its on at 4 on channel 25 (if you have direct TV)

    I really want to see this one!
  4. Got it recorded-channel 14 for Cable :smile:
  5. i watched it. i was ok until the end when he said he did the lecture for his kids, then i lost it and started crying. at least they'll always have the lecture to watch when they want to remember their dad.
  6. I saw it. This hits really close to home for me, as my dad died of pancreatic cancer. As he said, this is the last kind of cancer you want to get. I feel for him and his family.
  7. I saw it, it was a beautiful show. the girl on was so positive ans upbeat. some of things she said really just sunk in and made so much sense. like when do you finally give yourself permission to start living, we are all dying, why should hearing that you have a disease make you treat your life in anyway different than the day b4 you found out you had it??. his speech was great. well... I am definately a tigger!! very inspirational. damn oprah, i swear she puts an ad out for the most selfless upbeat people to remind me how I should be living. love it!! good show today
  8. Oh good Lord, I am bawling my eye's out right now...

    That was just truly amazing!