Did anyone watch The Lake House??

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  1. Hello All,

    Just wondering if anyone watched The Lake House? I think it was cute but it was a bit confusing. Did anyone else have that problem? Maybe someone can explain how it was possible for them to meet. :amuse:
  2. i didn't watch it but my cousins did and they said the same thing.. that it was confusing..
  3. I haven't watched Lake House..but i watched the Korean MOvie which this movie was a REMAKE of.... "Il Mare"...

    I beleive the story line is exactly the same..... but Il Mare had the saddest ending.... (don't wanna be a spoiler incase the story's the same)...

    In that one, they were ALMOST able to meet because once they had proven to each other that they were living in a different time zone... they just PLANNED to meet in say, 2 weeks for the Guy (if he's ahead in time).. and 2 years + 2 weeks for the Girl (if she's the one that's lagging)..

    they just planned to meet in each other's future.... but the future for the one that's lagging is MUCH LATER (2 years + 2 weeks) compared to the one that's ahead in time (2 weeks later)..

    hope that helps??? (this is provided the stories are the same)

    p/s: i loved SPEEEED.. keanu can't act for nuts.. but he was HAWT in speed.
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