Did anyone watch the Emmys?

  1. I thought the opening bit with Conan wandering through sets of differnt TV shows, ending up in the Dateline set was fantastic. Apparently, in the light of a plane crash in Kentucky today, some people were unhappy that they showed a plane crash. Conan was great, but I thought Stephen Colbert was the scene stealer. Colbert presenting with Jon Stewart was the highlight for me. Someone in the room with me was talking loud over one of Jon Stewart's acceptance speeches and I couldn't hear it. Unforgivable!

    As with all awards shows, my favorites didn't win. I think Jaime Pressly was robbed as was Sandra Oh. And I really wish "Arrested Development" won at least one more award as a last hurrah.
  2. Yay!! Tony Shalhoub won again!!!!:yahoo: :nuts:
  3. No I only watched the E! Live on the Red Carpet...I just love to see what everyone is wearing. I watched the first 15 minutes of the Emmys but it was kind of boring. I did love the opening w/ Conan going from show to show that was kinda funny especially the Lost set when he was going into the hatch & he asked Hurley if he was coming..& Hurley was like "man we weren't even invited" & Conan said something to the lines of how werent you invited your cast won last year. I thought that was hilarious.
  4. I loved it when Stephen Colbert was complaining that Barry Manilow won: "Singing and dancing is not performing!" :roflmfao:

    Also - yay for Tony Shalhoub and Keifer Sutherland/24.
  5. I watched it last night, and I was pretty disappointed with some of the results.
  6. I thought Conan's opening sequence was great! I wondered if the plane crash part would garner complaints. But I loved how Hurley (from Lost) said, "we weren't exactly invited." :lol: :lol:

    I thought the tribute to Dick Clark was moving. :sad: Bless his heart...
  7. I saw some of the highlights, but not all. I am so sad Lauren Graham didn't win.
  8. Watching it now (repeat telecast). Loved the bits with Stephen Colbert, and Hugh Laurie & Helen Mirren as presenters. Conan O'Brien was excellent.
  9. I watched for the first time in years! Conan did a great job. The honoring of Dick Clark brought me to tears. And wow, the original charlie's angels lineup...doesn't jacklyn smith just continue to look fab???
  10. did any1 see miss sri lanka on the red carpeT?
  11. ahhhh so glad that my man Kiefer won :biggrin:
  12. i am so glad for kiefer
    its about time that 24 won - after 5 seasons - this show is the BOMB!!
  13. I love Julia L. Dreyfus(?) dress. It's the best dress of the night in my opinion.
  14. Ahhhhhh, I can't believe I missed it! I had to go to this party at my parent's friends house and I missed it! I'm so angry, the red carpet show is the best thing ever!
  15. I thought Conan's opening was great.
    So happy that Mariska Hargitay won - she looked so beautiful.
    Also funny that of the original Charlie's Angels Farah Fawcett aged the worst of the three, both Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson looked way better than her.

    She actually wasn't even nominated. Sad though considering the field of other seemingly random choices getting nominated. Like Kevin James for the King of Queens?? Huh?