Did anyone watch On The Lot Mon nite?

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  1. My son & I watched this show, and it was pretty good. We laughed pretty hard.

    Eighteen film makers are competing for a $1million contract with Dreamworks/Steven Spielberg. On Monday's show, they each had a week to make a 1 minute comedy film. Most of them were pretty good, a few were pretty bad. The one with the Dancing Man and the Aliens made us laugh the hardest!!
  2. I started watching this a week ago and it is a cute show. I could do without the "american idol" format - but, most of these guys make real good short films.

    I thought Marty (w/his trailer) should have gotten the boot - I was sad to see Claudia go - I thought that the Wacky Cab director should have left over her "blind date" movie. Also, I thought that the burglered movie was cuter and funnier than Jess's light bulb movie - but, this is what happens when America Votes -

    I'll keep watching it I have my Tivo set for it in my workout room.
  3. Yes! I thought some of the videos they made were pretty funny!
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