Did anyone try the cornstarch on handles?

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  1. I've read through a ton of posts but can't get a good sense of if anyone actually tried Barbara's cornstarch trick. I'm ready to try it on my new hobo but wanted tips n' tricks if anyone had any! Any info?
  2. Is Barbara talking about using cornstarch on the handles or on a fresh oil stain on leather? Do you think it could actually work on the handles?
  3. i wonder how that would work out!!!???!!!
  4. Yup, I tried it and it did NOT work. All it did was get cornstarch in all of the little cracks in the zipper and up my nose.
  5. i've posted about this before, but i did try it, and don't think it made a visible difference. very slight at best, but i can't tell. it certainly wouldn't/didn't hurt; i brushed it off with a soft powder brush in my shower cubicle, so it wasn't messy.
  6. lol im sorry to laugh but that is funny...i can just see myself doing the same thing :roflmfao:
  7. I tried it & posted pics in the dark handles thread.

    It worked, but the handles were not super dark to start with.

    Process used:

    1. Heat the handles up really well with a hair dryer on high.

    2. Cake the cornstarch on really heavinly and rub it around with fingers while continuing to blow dry on high (did this part in the bathtub)

    3. Brush vigorously with a dry soft brush.
  8. Thanks all! I appreciate the responses.