Did anyone switch over to ...

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  1. BidPay and dropped PayPal completely? I am thinking of only accepting BidPay (sick of PayPal BS!:rant:) from now on. I'd like to hear your opinions on using BidPay vs PayPal (esp. if you are a buyer).
  2. I would love to hear as well! I am about sick of Paypal!
  3. I have 12 items up this week with Bidpay as an option (against the unconfirmed address-Paypal issue). No takers yet.
  4. I used BidPay to pay for something I purchased last week and it was as easy as using PayPal (it took 24 hours to approve my order but that's no biggie IMO). I've yet to receive money through BidPay - are there fees and, if there are, how much? Does anyone know?
  5. The thing that puts buyers off Bidpay is that they have to pay all the fees and for a UK seller the exchange rate is dire.

    For a long time I stopped using Paypal because of their lack of support for sellers who get scammed. I only accepted cheques and Bidpay and it had no ill effect that I could guage.

    The only downside is that Paypal and eBay are so closely linked that it makes it tricky to push buyers to use other payment methods as you can't combine it with eBay checkout.
  6. I don't really like the new BP. Not sure if it has been buyer issues or BP Policy issues, Seller Protection, or what.

    I had 2 buyers who couldn't get BP to approve their payments. It takes forever (a few days) to get the declined notices after the bidder tried to pay.
  7. I wonder how BidPay handles chargeback, if the buyers pay with their credit cards?
  8. Just had a look at the Bidpay site and it's changed it's terms since they close and reopened.

    It seems that the receipient now pays all the fees.

    I can't seem to find anything about chargebacks
  9. I have used Bidpay a few times, have not used it since it changed as a lot of sellers do not have it on their listing. I found it very easy, does take longer than Paypal for the seller to receive payment as Bidpay have to get clearence from your CC company
  10. i hate bidpay
    i will never buy anything from anyone if they ever used bid pay

    i tried using it once to pay a seller and it was a big hassle and in the end i had to pay by other forms. i only bought the item because the seller told me it would be easy to pay by bid pay...EASY she said and in the end because i couldn't use it i paid by western union and it cost me almost 30 extra.

    the customer service is HORRIBLE. it took me 3 weeks and no resolution when i asked them how come they kept rejecting my payment. they never reply your queries...even when i keep repeating myself like a broken record they would give me answers different to my questions.
  11. I would LOVE to get away from Paypal!. I added Bidpay to my auctions about 3 weeks ago, but have not had anyone use it. I think leaving paypal would have a serious impact on sales and I am not willing to try.

    I wish there was a way to encourage buyers to use Bidpay, but I think that any kind of incentive would violate ebay rules.

    The problem is that paypal is more buyer friendly and I think as a buyer it is the best option.

    Maybe with time.....
  12. Many of us have had bad experiences with Bidpay and I can't imagine why anyone would use it (as a buyer) if Paypal was also offered.

    If you accept only Bidpay and someone really wants the item, the new Bidpay seems acceptable. I shop only Paypal, myself - because of ease of payment and all the protection.

    Perhaps if you put in your auction something like "Bidpay is a safe and easy way to use your credit card for payment" it would help - as I am having trouble making Paypal use the credit card I want them to use.
    But still, it's hard to get people to change habits, especially when being part of Paypal is such a good thing for buyers.
  13. Thank you, all! I know very little about BidPay (as I said, I've only used it once and didn't encounter any fees as a buyer so, I guess, seller got charged then :shrugs:). I am really not too crazy about PayPal lately and wanted to know if it is, in fact, safer to accept CCs through BidPay than it is through PayPal. I also hate paying eBay TWICE since they own PayPal as well.:cursing:
  14. ebay and PayPal are one and the same. No kidding.
  15. Yes I know........eBay own Paypal