Did anyone stock up on Neverfulls?

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  1. As we have all heard, the Neverfulls as we know it will be no longer, and be replaced by the Neverfull Neos with the pouch, including the beloved DE version any they have left will undoubtedly go up in price the MM hitting over $1000 for sure.

    When I went to pick up my preorders, there was really a line to look at the Neverfull DE the store still had in stock, which did not appear to be many.

    Did anyone who already has a Neverful went and bought the same exact one (color) for "back up" once the current one gets old?

    I'm thinking of getting a back up DE MM still under $1000 for the next two days.
  2. I thought of getting a mon one bud never did :sad:
  3. No I did not.
  4. I love the one I have, but don't feel the need to buy a backup.
  5. +1.
  6. No, not a back up....I have the Mono Gm and bought the DE MM yesterday because I knew that I wouldn't pay more for it later and I wanted the original version.
  7. I actually bought the last monogram neverfull mm from my store. I am also considering getting an old model of the DE and DA.
    The only neverfull I had so far was a red Kusama piece which I love dearly and therefore did not use that much.
  8. I thought about it, but the stores in my area are so busy I figured they'd be sold out. Maybe I'll stop in today if I pass by the mall... 😜
  9. recently got the da, already own the mono. purchased the de but sent it back for fear of cracking issues. that was a tough one because i really loved it but knew i would be totally upset if the straps cracked like some have experienced. oh , also have the ikat. guess i love the nf. next to the speedy it is my favorite. i will say that i prefer the older version. i like the font much better on the lining and don't really need the pouch for the extra $$
  10. I think if anyone is considering the Neverfull, buy it now. It is now $953ish USD on the French site and Neverfulls are normally around $200 cheaper in France compared to USA. Someone said on the price increase thread that the new price for Neverfull (old style, no pouch) was $1170! At first I thought no way but it makes sense if you look at the French price.
  11. +2
  12. I wish I could. I'm not feeling the new version.